• Beethoven

    The story of Bethowen pet stores starts from the opening of the first store in 1993. During its 25-year history, employees of the Bethowen pet store chain have established themselves as professionals with a sincere love for animals. Competent advice on how to care and feed pets, in line with a huge range of products for all kinds of pets turned these stores quickly into one of the most famous pet store chains.

    Today, the Bethowen chain has more than 100 stores, most of which are located in Moscow and Moscow region. All the network branded stores, both in Moscow and in the regions of Russia, operate accordingly to the guidelines of a single concept: starting from their design to the organization of all operations in general.

    The company has its own distribution centre and carries out logistics of goods to its stores.

    The Bethowen pet stores chain has a modern, convenient website and an online store where the consumer can order any products and get them delivered to his location or take the ordered goods by himself from a retail store of his choice.

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  • Le' Murrr
    Le' Murrr
    Today, the chain of pet markets Le Murrr is one of the largest specialized Russian networks. The brand LeMurrr" unites 112 stores in 20 cities of Russia. And despite the different formats and geographical location of pet markets, they all have common standards: the most relevant and wide range, guaranteed high quality products, competitive prices, a variety of special sales and seasonal offers, convenient location, friendly and qualified salesmen, always ready to give professional advice .
    And what is the most important, the chain of pet markets Le Murrr is a team of people who love their work, and they really like helping people to take care of their pets!